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Questions and answers about the BBOP study:


What will I have to do?
If you agree to join the research study you and your parents will be asked questions relating to your arthritis and pain as well as how you live and what you eat. You will also be asked to give a small amount blood from your arm, a small amount of urine, a few strands of hair from your head and a little bit of saliva (spit) from your mouth.
Will it hurt?
Joining the study will not hurt any more than what is involved in your regular visit to the doctor.
How much time will it take?
Every six months, when you have a regular appointment with your doctor, the nurse will give you and your parents questionnaires to fill out. You can bring the questionnaires home if you don't finish them by the end of your appointment. During the first 2 visits, it will take a few extra minutes to collect some hair, urine and saliva. Blood will only be taken after you have given blood for your regular tests.  
Will I get better faster?
Joining the study will not make you get better faster. The doctors will treat you the same way whether or not you decide to join the study group. 
Will I get anything for being involved in the research study?
You will not be given any gifts for joining the study. But by joining you will know that you are helping the doctors to understand how and why you got sick. This will help other children like you in the future.
If you have other questions, please ask your parent, your guardian or the doctor or nurse who is doing this study.