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The BBOP study: we need your help!


This section of the website tells you about the kind of research that we will be doing.  If there is anything you do not understand, please ask your parent, your guardian or the doctor or nurse who is doing this study.
This study is done together with another one which looks at how your arthritis is doing.  That study is called REACCH OUT. Children with arthritis from 11 hospitals in Canada will be taking part in the BBOP and REACCH OUT studies.
The doctors are doing this research to find more information about what they can do to help children with arthritis feel better. For the BBOP part of the study, there will be a visit every 6 months for 2 years. These visits will usually be when you come for checkups for your arthritis.  
At each visit you will be asked to mark answers to questions on paper.  Your mother or father will also be asked to answer questions on paper. Your answers to the questions will let the doctors know what your diet is like (by asking about what you eat and drink), what activities, exercises, and sports you do, or if you have been sick. 
If you have arthritis, there is a website you can go to with links especially for kids. There you will find information that may help you better understand and manage your arthritis.  

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