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The following lists the names and affiliations of individuals who have been associated with ICAARE during its formative stages. Additional collaborators are welcome and expected to join the program in the future.

Alan Rosenberg; Pediatric Rheumatology
Andrew Allen; Veterinary Medicine (Anatomy)
Adam Baxter-Jones; Kinesiology
Lalita Bharadwarj; Institute of Agriculture Rural and Environmental Health
Barry Blakley; Veterinary Medicine/Toxicology (Biomedical Sciences)
Angela Busch; Physiotherapy
Dean Chapman; Medical Imaging (Synchrotron)
Marcel D’Eon Medicine; Community Health and Epidemiology (Curriculum Development)
John Gordon; Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology
Bill Kulyk; Anatomy and Cell Biology
Nazeem Muharijine; Community Health and Epidemiology
Bindu Nair; Rheumatology
Wojciech Olszynski; Rheumatology Associates
Regina Taylor-Gjevre; Rheumatology
Carl von Baeyer; Psychology
Susan Whiting; Pharmacy and Nutrition
Sheldon Wiebe; Medical Imaging